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juvenile criminal law

Criminal defence lawyer for juveniles and adolescents

When do you need a lawyer for juvenile criminal law?

In these cases you should contact a lawyer specialising in juvenile criminal law:

You are under the age of 21 and accused of committing a criminal offence. For example, you are accused of driving a friend’s car without a driving licence, stealing a packet of cigarettes from the supermarket or getting into a fight.

Or you are worried mother or father of a child aged between 14 and 20 who is alleged to have committed a criminal offence.

What is juvenile criminal law?

Juvenile criminal law refers to special regulations in criminal law and criminal procedure law for young defendants. It is governed by the German Youth Courts Act (JGG). The special feature of the Youth Courts Act is that it emphasises the concept of education. The aim is to counteract the commission of new offences. In order to achieve this goal, both the legal consequences and the procedural regulations are orientated towards the educational concept. A specialised lawyer knows these particularities and can therefore competently advise and defend his clients.

When does the German Youth Courts Act (JGG) apply?

The German Youth Courts Act (JGG) applies to juveniles who were 14 but not yet 18 years old at the time of the (alleged) offence. In the case of so-called adolescents, i.e. young adults who were already 18 at the time of the (alleged) offence but still under 21, juvenile criminal law only applies under certain conditions.

As a specialised lawyer I know that the Youth Courts Act usually brings considerable advantages for my clients. That’s why I try – where possible – to show the court that the requirements are met and that Youth Courts Act should be applied.

Lawyer for juveniles

When defending juveniles, it is advisable to instruct a specialist lawyer. Although the idea of education prevails, the court can sentence a young person to disciplinary measures and even a prison sentence.  

The judge can require the juvenile to:

  • make good, to the best of his ability, for damage caused as a result of the offence,
  • apologise personally to the aggrieved person,
  • perform certain tasks, or
  • pay a sum of money to a charitable


Other sanctions are possible, such as a warning or juvenile detention.

As a lawyer specialising in juvenile criminal law, I therefore do everything I in my power to prevent a conviction. I take your concerns seriously, explain the course of the proceedings to you step by step and stand by your side during this often stressful time. After all, your future or your child’s furture is at stake.

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Specialist lawyer for criminal law

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